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There’s no better way than a challenge to get you going!
It’s only $19 and it could just change your life (plus, cash prizes are given to the winners). The next Fit Life Challenge will be announced soon. Until then, scroll down to access the guide that shares what it’s all about, for free.

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Would you like to have more energy, feel better and perform better (and get closer to your ideal figure in the process)?

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Getting fit does not have to be a struggle…

… but it does involve more than just exercise or eating right. It involves four components working together:

Mindset ● Sleep ● Nutrition ● Exercise

…and wow, do they ever work! The results have been absolutely incredible – those who took on the challenge said they felt better, had more energy and their performance increased.

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How Does it Work

  • When: 40 Days: Monday January 9 – Friday February 16
  • Who: Anyone, any age (although, this is written for adults)
  • Where: You can do this on your own from anywhere or as part of your local gym
  • What:
    • You simply follow the guidelines shown in the guide. There are two divisions: Rx and Rx+. You choose which division you would like to be a part of and you keep track of your results and score.
    • Winners of the challenge receive prizes. Previous winners received over $200 [see the results from past participants in the Success Stories below].
    • A portion of the challenge fees goes to a non-profit helping to prevent childhood obesity and poverty. Last time, we were able to contribute to 500 nutritious meals to hungry children through the No Kid Hungry Campaign. They help families in need cook healthy food on a budget.

How Winners are Selected

  • Everyone who completes the Fit Life Challenge wins by living a more fit life, but for the cash prize, it will go as follows:
    • Partner Winners = Overall ‘best partners’ based on scored submitted at the end of the challenge, judged by the Fit Life Challenge panel of judges.
    • Individual Winner = Overall ‘best individual winner’ based on score submitted at the end of the challenge, judged by the Fit Life Challenge panel of judges.
    • Gym-Specific Winner(s) = For those gyms participating in the challenge, there will also be an in-gym winner of the winners who participated, based on the scores submitted, including the gym-specific criteria, judged by the gym-specific leaders.

Results from the Previous Fit Life Challenges


Chris started the Fit Life Challenge and lost 24 pounds in the first 40 days of the challenge. He’s continued with it and now 8 months later is down over 80 pounds & feels better than ever!

Chris said, “I was really hesitant at first. I wasn’t the type of person to think that dieting would work for me,” but he started the challenge and has stuck to it. “For the first month, I lost 25 pounds. Since January I have lost eighty-three pounds and counting. I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for the people in my CrossFit classes as well as the constant encouragement from Alex, Patrick, Scott and Steve. Everyone at CrossFit PPG has gone out of their way to make me feel like I am some sort of superstar when in all honesty, they’re the ones who have been keeping me going each day at the gym. You are the only one keeping yourself from moving forward; why continue staying where you are only to end up going backwards?”


Leann started the Fit Life Challenge with a goal to lose weight and feel great. In her 60’s, she keeps a fairly active lifestyle, but said she had difficulty finding something that would keep the weight off.

During the 40 day challenge, she lost 7% of her body weight, had less heartburn and slept better.

“I loved the challenge! It made me stop and think before eating unhealthy foods and helped break some bad habits. It was fun being creative with healthy recipes. I loved the meditation and will continue that. I have been sleeping great, had less heartburn (a real problem, even though I do not eat spicy foods, etc.). I’m planning on sticking to this all my life. Cheers!”


Patrick started the Fit Life Challenge to have the accountability of the challenge to fine-tune habits to help increase energy and performance.

“I love the Fit Life Challenge. My goal is to stay in shape for whatever life with active children brings. Getting in the right state of mind, along with ample sleep, proper nutrition and a fun, intense group exercise program allows me to accomplish this.  I’m 40 years old and in the best shape of my life and I owe that to following the components of the Fit Life Challenge.”


Alex loves challenges and helping encourage others to reach success. She lost 18 pounds on the most recent challenge.

“I loved doing the Fit Life Challenge. I think it just helped me be more aware of what I was putting into my body. I plan to keep eating the same way to help see improved performance in the gym. I think it helped me be more alert in the mornings & throughout the day… Overall, I lost 40 pounds and now, I’m in the best shape of my life.”

Are you the next success story?

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How to Get Fit – The answer to the #1 Question We are Asked (and What this Challenge is all about)

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