Fall 2017 Fit Life Challenge Winners

Weight Lost, Energy Gained, Performance Improved and 1,000 Healthy Meals for Children in Need

In life, we all have commitments with work, family and obligations that prevent us from taking the time we need to focus on ourselves and live the best life possible. Sometimes, it’s challenges and accountability from friends that can give us the push we need to live fit, healthy lives. It’s not just about exercise or even diet and exercise, but rather, mindset, sleep, nutrition and exercise, and that’s what the Fit Life Challenge is all about.

It’s also about giving back and from this challenge, we were able to contribute 1,000 nutritious meals to hungry children through the No Kid Hungry Campaign. They help families in need cook healthy food on a budget.

Yet again, the Fit Life Challenge had amazing results and success stories with many deserving winners. The winners were judged on: 1) total score, 2) body weight, measurement and workout improvement, and 3) a statement about the challenge. This time a new twist was added, so those in the challenge had a partner for additional encouragement and accountability. For the judging, the names were removed to keep it anonymous and the panel of judges chose an Individual Winner and the Partner Winners (each receiving a $50 cash prize).

The Fall 2017 FLC Winners are:

Individual Winner – Lacy

  • Goal was to lose weight
  • Lost 4% body fat and lost 8 pounds during the timeframe of the challenge (and is down 15 pounds overall)
  • Scored 300 points in the challenge (1st place in this challenge, and hitting the elusive ‘300’ that has now happened only 3 times in the history of this challenge)

    “While my overall desire is to be as healthy as possible and in the best shape I can be in, I knew I had to make adjustments in my eating. Workouts are pretty consistent for me, but my eating habits can be up and down. So, I started Whole 30 with a couple of friends in mid-August and just continued doing that through the Fit Life Challenge. While I still have further to go and more to lose, I’m in a much better place now with food. I’ve cooked way more than I ever have and read more labels than I probably ever wanted, but I’ve really enjoyed learning new recipes and I’m enjoying healthier foods without so many of my previous cravings. Time spent reading and praying is important to me so the accountability of the mindset portion was really good for me as well.”

    Partner Winners – JJ & Tracey


  • Goal was to lose a few pounds
  • Lost 6 pounds
  • Scored 288 points (2nd highest in this challenge)

    “I wanted to do this challenge to get myself back on track. The first few weeks were difficult and I found myself having less energy than before. However, I stuck with it and I was happy with my results. I like that I could add some simple foods in on some days (a little bread if needed) and would only lose a point. These challenges can be more mental than anything. If I was going to lose a point, I wanted it to be on something like fat free creamer or a few pretzel chips with hummus. Never on fast food or beer. Beer….that is the one item in my diet I think made a huge difference eliminating! 6.2 lbs is a lot for me! I’m happy that I’m once again well below my weight watchers goal…it felt good to go in last Saturday and weigh in the lowest I’ve been in well over a year!”


  • Goals were to lose weight, tone-up and increase energy
  • Lost 4 pounds
  • Improved time in baseline workout by over a minute from a pre-challenge time of 7:30 to post-challenge time of 6:26.

    “This challenge was a great jump start to cutting out mindless eating and nibbling on my kids’ mac and cheese and goldfish! I was in a bit of a rut before the challenge – I wasn’t exercising as often as I had been and wasn’t very focused on my nutrition.

I really liked the four areas of focus. I was very consistent on both mindset and sleep. I started a daily devotion book that I had for a while, but failed to stick with regularly. I really liked adding my personal quiet time to the day. I also started going to sleep a bit earlier — which helped me add in some early morning workouts before work.

The biggest improvement on my nutrition was cutting out my old habits of snacking and drinking wine while cooking. I also added some vegan recipes to our weekly dinners. I struggled a few times during the challenge due to my birthday (I did have some cake!), a trip to visit family/friends, and some work travel that involved nice dinners out. But, I at least managed to keep my breakfasts and lunches with the plan in those cases. Life is all about balance and even though I was doing this challenge, I didn’t want to miss out on fun experiences and celebrations! Overall, I felt like I was still making solid choices like skipping the bread bowl, only ordering one glass of wine, and ordering half portions when available.

I really enjoyed the exercise challenge – it’s a great reminder that even 15 minutes of getting your heart rate can change your mood and energy. With exercise, I can tend to be all or nothing. So, if I didn’t have time for an hour+ workout, I’d just do nothing. During the challenge, I gave myself the chance to try some new, shorter workouts and other stretching training, like PiYo. When I repeated my workout challenge, I dropped more than one minute in time!

Even though I didn’t quite reach my weight loss goal, I still made solid progress and believe I’ll be able to really stick with some of the changes throughout the holiday season! Thank you!”

It’s not a challenge. It’s a lifestyle.

Again, outstanding job to everyone who participated in the challenge! It was rewarding to see you learning even more about mindset, sleep, nutrition and exercise and applying it to your lives. Keep up the great work, make it a lifestyle!

For those interested in being a part of the next challenge, you can download the free .pdf that shares what it’s all about here: FitLifeChallenge.com/