Winter 2017 Fit Life Challenge Winners: 4 Athletes and 500 Children

Wow! The Fit Life Challenge was an amazing way to start 2017! It’s been so inspiring to hear the truly life changing results that came out of this challenge.

Over time, we started to see that ideal health and fitness is not just about exercise or even diet and exercise, but rather, mindset, sleep, nutrition and exercise.

Therefore, the Fit Life Challenge incorporates all four components. It is a 40 day challenge where participants earn points for activities completed in each area – mindset, sleep, nutrition and exercise.

The winners were judged on: 1) total score for days 1 – 40, 2) body weight, measurement and workout improvement, and 3) a statement about the challenge.

For the judging, the names were removed to keep it anonymous. The panel of five judges came to a split decision.  There was not one clear Grand Prize winner this time, so the prize was split among the four top finishers, receiving $50* each.

Congratulations to the Four Winners!


  • Goal was to lose weight.
  • Lost 25 pounds (~7% of body weight, tied for highest % lost in the challenge)

“I started the Fit Life Challenge and with the support of my family, friends and CrossFit PPG, I achieved my first goal – down 25 pounds and feeling great! I’m not in the best shape, but I want to be. I started this as a way to see if changing my diet was the problem. While I didn’t shred weight, I did continue to steadily lose that one pound per day. Although I was hopeful to lose, more, I can say that with the dedication to my diet (I’m not going to change it anytime soon) and a steady workout regimen, I am confident that I will be able to lose 25 more and more until I hit my dream weight. It may feel like it seems unattainable now, but I just have to keep moving forward one day at a time.”


  • Goal was to lose weight and feel great.
  • Lost 9 pounds (~7% of body weight, tied for highest % lost in the challenge)
  • Scored 259 points (second most points in the challenge)

“I usually always feel good and eat pretty healthy foods. However, my husband and I started “celebrating” life a little more than I needed too.  I was not as careful with foods and libations, so put on some unwanted pounds. I loved the challenge! It made me stop and think before eating unhealthy foods and helped break some bad habits. Who needs goldfish, crackers, pimento cheese and champagne? It was fun being creative with healthy recipes. Zucchini “noodles” are great-no need for pasta! Also, La Croix drinks in a champagne glass with a twist of lime are great for “celebrating!” I loved the meditation and will continue that. I have been sleeping great (most nights), had less heartburn (a real problem, even though do not eat spicy foods, etc.) and have lost 9 pounds! I’m planning on sticking to this all my life. However, probably allowing a little more celebrating on the weekends! Cheers!”


  • Goal was to lose 3 – 4 pounds while improving performance
  • Decreased body fat by 4% and lost 3 pounds
  • Scored 304 points (1st place in the challenge)

“Often you need to be pushed by your peers, colleagues, friends, and competition to be better.  This challenge was a great way to spark that push.  Nutrition: For forty days and nights, I ate, as if on the Whole30/Rx+ plan. I was able to become more disciplined and creative finding a variety of vegetables and cooking methods that I had not experienced before the challenge.  Vegetable intake increased daily starting in the morning and continued throughout the day. My mind; I was able to accomplish daily tasks more efficiently, with planning and focus guided by morning meditations.  I have really enjoyed the apps; headspace, calm and Insight Timer.  I will continue to start my day with time for my mind. My body;  I have gotten 7.5 hours of sleep on most evenings and felt more alert throughout day, even in the early afternoon and evenings than I have in a long time.  My body fat decreased a little over 4% and my body weight decreased a little over 3 pounds.  I was able to reach personal records in the gym, and surpassed several benchmark workouts. Overall, I felt great during the challenge. I will continue to eat well, avoiding grains, dairy, and sweeteners and processed foods and will also continue the mind and body training and allow it to become a lifestyle.”


  • Goal was to lose weight without diminishing performance in the gym
  • Decreased body fat by 5% (1st place in the challenge, for those who took measurements)
  • Lost 10 pounds (~5% of body weight, 3rd highest % lost in the challenge)
  • Scored 224 (3rd highest in the challenge)

“This challenge took effort.  Although the desire to lose weight was present, I was cautious about doing that at the cost of diminishing my ability to perform in the gym.  The balance was difficult.  I will say that the introduction of Mindset into the arena was a game-changer and such a positive element to this journey.  The ability to ‘disconnect’ and be at peace with your thoughts initially was an effort, which evolved into a basic need. The nutritional aspect was the most difficult part based on my nutritional needs for optimal performance, but I consider this to be a stunning success for me personally.”

* Despite the anonymous nature of the judging, two of the winners felt they were “too close” to the organizers of the Fit Life Challenge, so declined the prize money and requested it be donated.

Making a Difference: 500 Children In Need Also Win

At Fit Life Insight, we absolutely love making a positive difference in the lives of others. We are blessed to be able to do this through the challenge and coaching. We are also blessed to be able to make a difference in this world.

From this challenge, we were able to contribute to 500 nutritious meals to hungry children through the No Kid Hungry Campaign. They help families in need cook healthy food on a budget.

It’s not a challenge. It’s a lifestyle.

Again, outstanding job to everyone who participated in the challenge! It was rewarding to see you learning even more about mindset, sleep, nutrition and exercise and applying it to your lives. Keep up the great work, make it a lifestyle, and be on the lookout for the next challenge ;).

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