Winter 2018 Fit Life Challenge Winners

A Challenge – What a way to kick off the year!

We all strive to live the best life we can live. Sometimes we get in a rut and need to make a change. It’s challenges that help us make that change.

To start 2018, a group of individuals started the Fit Life Challenge, presented by Inrive. The Fit Life Challenge helps participants live a healthier life through four components – Mindset, Sleep, Nutrition and Exercise. Each participant joined with a small entry fee, with the funds going back to winners and to charity, providing 200 healthy meals for children in need, through No Kid Hungry.

The results were amazing!

Here are some of the comments from the participants in the challenge:

  • “The challenge was about proving to myself that I can make my health and well being a priority so I can bring my very best self to everything I do.”
  • “Before this challenge, I didn’t sleep well. I ate poorly and was a complete couch potato. I knew I had to do something to get healthy… [I lost] 10 pounds, I feel stronger and my clothing fits better.”
  • “At the start, I was in possibly the worst shape I had been in years. The primary challenge was finding time for these life priorities. The best thing I got out of it was just the daily self-reminder to focus on all FOUR facets”
  • “I like the challenge because it makes me more accountable. I want to do well and not let my partner down. During the 40 days I ate very clean, good food and enjoyed trying healthy, new recipes. I haven’t had a piece of bread or cracker in 40 days, and it was not too hard to do. So, I will try to embrace this new lifestyle everyday. I love the mindset aspect of the challenge (hope to continue that), and know that I am sleeping better.”

Congratulations to the Winners!

Everyone who completed the challenge is a winner! When you create new healthy habits to lead to a better life, you win, so congratulations to all the participants!

Still, part of a challenge is to have winners, so here are the winners for the 2018 Challenge, each receiving $50…

Partners Winners – Jessica & Drew


  • Goal: Lose weight and reduce body fat
  • Lost 5% of body weight and reduced body fat % by 3.8%
  • Improved workout time (a 200 meter swim, 4 mile bike, 1 mile run) by nearly 5 minutes from 32 min 47 sec pre-challenge to 27 min 50 sec post-challenge
  • Drew said, “I’ve been doing CrossFit consistently for about a year. I was making great gains at the gym but neglecting my diet. I tried to out hustle my poor eating habits; however, that obviously was not working as my weight was slowly climbing over the past year. Also my sugar addiction was getting the best of me. So I used this challenge to jump start my diet and it worked! I feel much more energized and my sugar cravings at work have gone down considerably. Along the way I’ve found a lot of great healthy recipes and the group support on Facebook definitely helped me get through the 40 days.


  • Goal: “To take more quiet time for myself, mindset part of the challenge”
  • Learned how to meditate and lost 6% of body weight as a bonus
  • Jessica said: “This is the second time I’ve done this challenge and the mindset portion was really difficult for me last time. This time my goal was to really make an effort to take at least 10 minute a day for myself to mediate without all my typical distractions. Although it wasn’t easy I did a much better job this time and I think I actually learned how to mediate for the first time in my life. I’ve found that I prefer to do it at the end of the day to help me decompress from all the craziness of the day. And although I eat Whole 30 about 95% of the time I was a little more strict about it and was able to loose [6% of my body weight] so that was an added bonus. I’m ready for the next Fit Life Challenge!”

Individual Winner – Stacey

  • Goal: “To lose weight, become more fit, and gain a healthier eating lifestyle.”
  • Lost 9 % of body weight, reduced body fat % by 10%, lost 2 inches off waist, 2.5 inches off hips
  • Stacey said: “I started this challenge at my highest weight gain and over indulgence during the holidays. I started buying bigger clothes sizes and baggie styles. I also found that hitting 45 made gaining weight easy and losing weight a huge struggle. I had been trying to lose weight doing my normal diet strategies in the past, they weren’t helping and in fact, I was gaining. When I saw this challenge, I knew that I needed to try it and see if it could help me get past this weight gain slump I had hit. Though I suffered several illnesses during the challenge (flu season hit hard), which kept me from exercising like I would have hoped, I still saw great results in the things I did change. The change in my diet has been drastic and I am so thankful that this challenge has taught me how to eat in a healthier way. I am very confident that these diet changes will be a permanent improvement in my lifestyle. I have also appreciated the meditation and mindset portion of this challenge. I have seen the benefits of starting my day right and getting the mental boost from the meditation and prayer. I fell short on my workouts and that brings me great encouragement that I can still improve my fitness level in a big way. I am excited to keep going and achieve even better success than I currently achieved. Losing [9% of my body weight], 2 inches in my waist, and 2.5 inches in my hips has been very exciting. I’m back in my normal clothes and looking forward to my upcoming Bahama vacation several months away, which means I can look even better by then!!!”

[Note: Honorable Mention to Stacey’s partner who was also one of the finalists. She also met her challenge goals, lost 4% of her body weight, and plans to “embrace this new lifestyle everyday.”]

It’s not only a challenge. It’s also a lifestyle.

Again, outstanding job to everyone who participated in the challenge! It was rewarding to see you learning even more about mindset, sleep, nutrition and exercise and applying it to your lives. Keep up the great work, and make it a lifestyle!

For those interested in being a part of the next challenge, you can download the free .pdf that shares what it’s all about here:

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